High temperature molybdenum furnace

- Apr 01, 2018 -

A molybdenum wire atmosphere furnace is a heating device that can convert and regulate the atmosphere in a furnace to sinter the material in a specific atmosphere. There are two types of intermittent box-type molybdenum wire furnace and continuous molybdenum wire push-plate furnace. Generally, the furnace gas is reducing gas (hydrogen H2, carbon monoxide CO) or nitrogen-hydrogen mixed gas (ammonia decomposition gas), but also Inert gas (nitrogen N2, Ar2 Ar2) is mainly used to prevent oxidation or reduction, and some special materials pass into the gas, which acts as a kind of catalytic auxiliary material.

The box-type molybdenum wire atmosphere furnace has a wide range of applications and is applicable to industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes, universities, and laboratories. In various atmospheres for product sintering experiments, chemical analysis, physical measurement or product production in small batches; push-plate atmosphere molybdenum furnace has been widely used in powder metallurgy, ceramic metallization, phosphors, battery materials, electronic ceramics, glass Precision annealing and microcrystallization, precision annealing of crystals, and research and mass production of nanomaterials, chemical raw materials and other products.