The market demands increasingly higher quality coated steel strips

- Apr 01, 2018 -

The debugging of the color coating production line found that with the development of industrialization, the market demands more and more quality of color-coated steel strips, and as a key system of the production line, an all-new air drying and incineration system becomes more and more important. The film-forming solids used for the color coating production are about 55%, and the rest are all volatile solvents. It only serves to improve the viscosity and meet the needs of the coating process. It completely evaporates into the furnace gas during drying. Without participating in cross-linking reactions, it will not become part of the dry film. The solvent composition of each manufacturer is slightly different. Most of the previous use of benzene-based organic materials, with the improvement of environmental protection requirements, most of the current use of ketoester ether organics, so the solvent gas calorific value also has a big difference, and then the production line drying The dry system also puts forward higher requirements.