Amorphous Materials Are Not Only Energy-saving But Also Very Environmentally Friendly

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Because amorphous alloy transformers use new materials and newer technologies that were not available before, the process is more complicated than before. Because the price of this amorphous alloy transformer is higher than traditional transformers, it is generally about 30% higher than conventional transformers of the same type; however, Because its energy-saving effect is significant, the operating cost will not be higher than the original, so its comprehensive operating cost is lower than traditional transformers. We use a 500kVA amorphous alloy transformer to compare with the commonly used S9 transformer. The amorphous alloy transformer can save 6832.8kWh of electricity each year, saving electricity bills 5207 yuan a year (Beijing now The regional commercial electricity price is 0.762 yuan/kWh). Although the price of amorphous alloy transformers is about 30% higher than that of S9 transformers, the increased costs can be fully recovered within 3 to 5 years of operation of amorphous alloy transformers.