Development Of High-density Soft Magnetic Materials

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Powder metallurgy technology can be used to produce soft magnetic materials with complex shapes and good magnetic properties. Powder metallurgy technology has been successfully applied to large-scale commercial production of soft magnetic materials. Soft magnetic powder metallurgy materials that have been produced as commodities include: pure iron, phosphorus iron, nickel iron, cobalt iron, and ferrosilicon, etc. The addition of silicon does not improve the magnetic properties of iron-based soft magnetic materials, and addition of silicon can increase iron-based materials. The resistance reduces the eddy current loss of the material and improves the high frequency performance of the soft magnetic material. Ferritic stainless steel soft magnetic materials have also been produced and used. Ferritic stainless steel soft magnetic materials have good corrosion resistance, but soft magnetic properties will be reduced.