The Difference Between Hot Galvanized And Cold Galvanized Plates

- Apr 01, 2018 -

From the material point of view, the composition of the two kinds of galvanized sheet is basically similar, the difference between the two is that the cold galvanized sheet is thinner than the hot galvanized sheet, the surface quality is better, and the process is more complicated, of course, correspondingly, The price of cold galvanized sheet is also higher than that of hot galvanized sheet.

From the process point of view, the steel is hot-rolled from the cast billet and rolled into a plate of a certain thickness. If there is no higher requirement on the surface, thickness, and mechanical strength of the plate by the manufacturer, the finished product can be processed directly. The sale, which is hot galvanized sheet. If there is a higher requirement for the sheet, then the hot-rolled sheet will be sent to the cold-rolling line for re-processing, and the pickling, annealing and re-rolling processes will result in thinner, smoother surface and better mechanical properties. Cold rolled sheet.