Tungsten-molybdenum Export Quota Limit Cancellation

- Apr 01, 2018 -

The Ministry of Commerce issued a list of quotas and export companies such as “Wu, Tantalum, Silver, Indium and Tin” in 2015. The 2015 tungsten and molybdenum export quotas were cancelled, and the molybdenum export qualifications management was cancelled.

There are no quantitative restrictions on export quotas for tungsten and molybdenum, which is a big change since the adjustment of rare metal export policies since 2010. In fact, as early as November, the Ministry of Commerce had issued export quotas for the metal industry in 2015, and the quotas for tungsten and molybdenum are no longer listed.

Although the tungsten and molybdenum quotas were abolished, people in the industry told the Shanghai Daily that rare earths will still have quotas in the first half of next year, and some adjustments may be made in the middle of next year.

The management of rare metal export quotas, in addition to total management, also includes the management of export enterprise qualifications. According to a notification from the Ministry of Commerce yesterday, there is not much change in the list of qualified tungsten exporters. Listed company Minmetals, Xiamen Tungsten Industry, and Zhangyuan Tungsten Industry have all been included in the list.

A person from Minmetals stated to Shanghai Daily that the international price is not higher than the domestic price, plus about 20% of the export tariff, China's molybdenum exports have no price advantage. The quota new deal will not temporarily affect China’s export pattern of rare metals, and more adjustments may be in mid-2015.